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What Everyone Ought to Know About Online Marketing



If you’ve read a lot of sales pages you would think that Internet marketing is easy.  It’s Not

There is no magic button, that you press and then the next day wake up to a bank account over flowing with money.

Building a successful business online is a journey that takes time and effort. You will take wrong turns and encounter seemingly insurmountable obstacles along the way but the rewards at the end of the journey are worth all the effort you will have put in.

Income Igniter is designed to make that journey as easy as possible.

Testimonial - Brandon

brandon“This has been the single best investment that I have ever made in expanding my internet marketing knowledge.

Not only did they teach you every aspect of marketing with WordPress, that is only the tip of the iceberg. The forum alone is worth twice the monthly asking price. You won’t have to worry about elitists that talk down to you or technical folks that talk over your head. The forum is one of the most friendliest and knowledgeable groups of people online that I have ever experienced. Make an invaluable investment in your internet marketing future. Sign up today!

What is Income Igniter?



Income Igniter is a membership site that was formerly called WordPress Goldmine and has been established for over 6 years. Initially we focused on WordPress based adsense sites but over the year we have expanded to cover many different Internet Marketing disciplines.

If you are just starting or are more experienced you will find all the information you need help you succeed Online.

Within the site you will find a members forum with over 106,000 posts and 1500 members all of who are happy to help each other, the forum is more like an extended family than a typical forum you might have encountered in the past. All questions are answered in a polite and timely manner and we actively foster the belief that there are no such things as stupid questions.

You’ll also find step by step Videos series covering many topics, Interviews with successful marketers and WordPress training guides.

Who Are We?



Income Igniter is run by the original WordPress Goldmine founder Mark Thompson and long time friend and fellow marketer Paul Forcey. Both have been working online full time for a combined total of almost 20 years.


Testimonial - George

george“I’d just like to say that this forum has transformed my life.

Three years ago I was working two JOBS and going nowhere. I had tried everything under the sun to make money online as I was desperate to get out of the rat race. I was just about to give up (having spent thousands of dollars), when I stumbled upon Mark Thompson … I said to myself that this was the last chance saloon to make a go of it online.

After 11 months here I was able to give up my two JOBS and became a full-time internet marketer. I’ve never looked back.

I was once highly stressed and worked too hard, now I work when I want and play golf three times per week.

I’ll always be indebted to Mark for changing my life for the better.

Who Is Income Igniter For?

Income Igniter is for anyone who wants to make an online income in a professional and ethical manner.

If you recognise any of the following then Income Igniter is definitely for you

Recognise Any Of These Traits?

  • You buy lots of WSO’s and “Must Have” products but never quite get them working
  • You Keep hearing people talk about PPC, FTP, MVP,CTR and wondering what they are talking about
  • You had a site (or a few) that were killed in the last Google updates and now you are scared to do anything because the next update may wipe out all your work?
  • You just feel lost with it all
  • You are not as techy as you feel you need to be
  • You keep seeing people be snarky to each other online so you are scared to ask questions

If you see yourself in that list you are not alone, the Income Igniter forum is full of people who have been through some or all of this. People buying the next shiny object hoping it is the fix they are looking for without really understanding what it is or what it does. People who do not consider themselves to be technically able and more than a few who had their income killed by Google.

It Is OK!

No matter what barrier you feel you are up against we have seen it and some of our members have dealt with it. What is even more important is that no one minds sharing information and there truly is no such thing as a stupid question.

No Trolls



Since day one the forum has had NO tolerance for trolls, we have all been on forums or in groups where you are scared to ask a question because you know someone will rip into you. You will not see any of that in the forum, maybe it is because we attract nice members like yourself or maybe it is because we keep a tight rein on it. Whatever it is we tell everyone to treat each other with respect and as you would want to be treated.

Testimonial - Colmbie

Colmbie-100x100“ Quite simply THE best source of IM information available today bar none. The forum alone is worth 100x the price I pay each month. Add in the training videos, the eBook and the ability to pick the brains of Mark Thompson as well as the many other expert members and you know you’ve struck gold!”


Income Igniter is Here to Help you Succeed



If you make money online then it’s not only a success for you but also your fellow members … and we love success. Our members love to share what they are doing , whats working and what isn’t working. Where else would you see someone share their whole process for generating a 5 figure a month income?

Testimonial - Mike

mike-100x100This Forum has literally been a lifesaver for me. After I lost my internet marketing business of 6+ years, I thought it was all over, that I’d be resigned to a 9-5 job again for the rest of my life.

Instead, I found a friendly, helpful atmosphere where I could learn where things went wrong, and figure out how to turn them around again.

Thanks to Mark and the *family* in the forum, I’m now well on my way to rebuilding my business and moving back into full time status.

I absolutely could not have even made it this far, without the information and the caring, friendly community behind the curtain. I don’t recommend many products, but Mark’s forum comes with the highest recommendation I could possibly give.”

Sounds Expensive! How Much will Income Igniter Cost Me?



We want our members to know that Income Igniter is the perfect learning environment for them so we offer a 7 day trial for only $1

After the 7 days you will be charged $19.95 per month… which is less than the cost of a decent pizza

We also give you peace of mind with our no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee.

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P.s In case you are wondering, yes we are in the forum Every Day to help you with anything IM related that we can.

P.p.s We all learn best from people with real world experience and that is exactly what Income Igniter gives you.